compensation package development

Do I Pay a Commission
or Salary?
What Percentage Should I Pay Out?

How Do I Retain My Staff?

Do I Offer Health Insurance?

What About a 401K?

Should I Have a Service or
Product Charge?

Do I Offer Rewards For
Reaching Goals?

All very good questions and there is not one answer for everyone.  We understand that the same business system will not necessarily work in each spa.  Even though a system works for one spa is does not mean it will work for you.  Our experiences shows that the most effective systems are those systems are those developed in conjunction with the owners and their staff and are specifically designed to accommodate the spa culture and support that which they help to create.
We are convinced that Compensation Packages must promote a win/win atmosphere.  The old adage “What gets rewarded, gets repeated” really does work.  The most successful Compensation Programs are those that motivate a staff to excel at their jobs, and reward people on a team as well as on an individual basis.  If you build a total working environment that people are comfortable in, they will grow and prosper with you.
Compensation programs should always include: individual and team based pay; should have an evaluation process; must have rewards and consequences; reward thru benchmarking; and must allow for advancement.  All programs must be built with protecting the bottom line (profitability) in mind.
Compensation Packages are price on an individual basis because no two programs are alike.  Estimates will be given after consultation and all needs are assessed.
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