concept planning and facility development

What makes your different, better, standout – gives you the edge on your competition, and provides the complete spa experience for the guest? “Your Concept” – understanding vision, mission and goals.
Spa Visions provides you with the direction and tools to fully develop your spa and wellness concept.  We believe, always begin with the end in mind to create the perfect environment for your guests’ spa experience and operation efficiency.

concept planning

Location Considerations                              Define the Project
▪ Per Capita Income ▪ Create and Develop Spa Concept
▪ Future Area Growth and Theme
▪ Demographics ▪ Determining Function Needs,
Environmental and Performance

facility development and design

Concept, Schematic and Design Development
▪  The Zone System ▪ Architect Scaled Design
▪ Spa Technical Design Planning ▪ Usage of Multi Purpose Rooms
▪ Layout and Traffic Flow ▪ Making Rooms Multiple
▪ Sizing of Treatment Rooms and Areas Profitable
▪ Specialized Equipment and
▪ Construction Liaison
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