feasibility and financial projections

Facility Financial Planning Evaluation Package (FFPEP)

The Vital Part You Need For You Business Plan

About Our Program

FFPEP is collaboration between Woody Yowler, a Spa Developer and Joseph Stezzi CPA, Business Consultant and Planner. Between them they have over 40 years of combined Spa, Wellness, Salon and business experience.
FFPEP is an in depth financial planning package unsurpassed in the Spa and Wellness industry today.  The goal of which is to enable owners to look at their future business on paper and be able to make educated decisions that will ensure the success of their business for many years to come.

Our Program Includes:

FFPEP provides comprehensive information to the questions you need answered but is not limited to:
▪ Market Analysis ▪ Cash Flow Statement
▪ Cost to Build Out ▪ Income Statements & Financial Rates
▪ Start Up and Cost to Operate ▪ Balance Sheet
▪ ROI – Return on Investment ▪ Break Even Analysis
▪ Sales and Service Projections ▪ One to Five Year Programs Available
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