woody yowler

Woody Yowler has been involved in the spa and salon industry for more than twenty years and is the founder and president of Spa Visions a complete business development company serving the Salon, Spa, Fitness and Medical industry. Woody’s experience in the industry includes project planning, concept development, all phases of operations, pre and post opening, start up and expansion, spa staff development as well as lecturering, educating and training.  He is a certified massage therapist and body worker with an extensive background in nutrition and the health and fitness industries.

In addition to successfully creating, developing and consulting with over 150 Spa’s through out North America, Woody is a member of the International Spa Association, a conference speaker on spa development, and a nationally known spa consultant, staying abreast of the newest developments in the industry. Woody partnered with Paul Haslauer in 1999 founder and owner of Haslauer GmbH located in Ainring, Germany to bring their specialized equipment, environments, treatments and products to North America. With their experience with over 10,000 spas worldwide the partnership has been and continues to be extremely successful.  Woody resides in New Jersey with his business partner and wife Laura Yowler.

laura yowler

Laura Yowler is Vice President and co-founder of Spa Visions.  Laura is an innovative, challenge seeking spa consultant with over twenty years experience who specializes in front desk management and operations, customer service, day to day operations, menu development and planning, treatment design, treatment training and protocols. She began her career at the Rizzieri Salon and Spa as front desk concierge and was active in daily operations, working her way to an executive management position.  With over twenty years in the salon and spa industry, she has worked with her business partner and husband Woody Yowler to consult, develop, open, equip and train over 150 spa’s throughout North America.

Spa Visions is the exclusive North American partner and distributor for Haslauer GmbH equipment, environments, treatments and products. Laura has extensively been trained in specialized treatments and educated at Haslauer GmbH in Ainring, Germany. Laura resides in New Jersey with her business partner and husband Woody Yowler.

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