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visionary ideas in wellness and spa facilities

We present remarkable re-creations of authentic treatments and baths to motivate guests to return again and again. Wellness treatments must have an intense effect, and must be combinable with other naturopathic treatments – and compliment them. This takes profound knowledge, years of experience and sophisticated science. Our 30-year experience in medical balneology, influenced by research and development, allows us to develop extraordinary treatments.

Staff training is also extremely important to us. The Worldwide latest and acknowledged findings in physiotherapy, cosmetics, dermatology and naturopathy are permanently integrated in our training program.  In a true partnership, we offer you a long term support of training and further development of your business and treatment range.

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the haslauer philosophy

Paul Haslauer has become a world leader in the finest wellness programmes– making these programs optimally attractive to spa clientele worldwide. Besides the easy-to-operate technology, Haslauer’s staff of well-known scientists and physicians sets high importance on advanced training as an essential factor for success. Special care is also taken to provide an authentic and beautiful ambience. Our imaginative facilities have often been called “illusions of the wellnessdepartment which became reality.” To mention a few: King´s Bath, Rasul or Stonebath – have become treasured memories of countless spa clients because they experienced unforgettable well-being. These facilities provide fascinating adventure trips to world bath cultures which balanced body and soul. For the international resort and spa businesses such eccentric solutions are almost a “must,” because the times are over when hotels only had to offer a swimming pool and a sauna. Therefore for over 30 years international hotels, spas and resorts have taken full advantage of the almost inexhaustible pleasure in the innova-tions of Haslauer from Mitterfelden, Bavaria.

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The new ideas of Haslauer carry clients to skin care and bath cultures of exotic countries and the past, without the risk of the actual journey. It is true what a professional said about the wonderful world of wellness from Haslauer:“There is no historic valuable bath culture too extravagant that Haslauer cannot translate to current standards.

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