the skin care culture from the orient

Hotel Splendid 5* Conference & Spa Resort, Budva / Montenegro

The Rasul® is a very attractive ancient oriental skin care ceremony with the flair from “One Thousand and One Nights.” The original Haslauer Rasul® enchants through its impressive authenticity: hand-made ceramic in elaborate moorish-arabian rich colours, towering minarets sweeping you away into the word of sultans, sheiks, and great moguls.

The ceremony: mists of steam float through the room, the starry sky glows mysteriously, soft music plays in the background, and your company is hidden by fragrant mist. Instinctively, you start to apply the splendid Kurland® muds and feel the skin becoming soft and smooth. Relaxed, you snuggle into the ergonomically-designed seats, sense the pleasant heat, and watch the stars. All in all, you feel comfortable and secure. A warm, tropical rain finally brings this splendid bathing delight to an end.

Kurland® Rasul® skin care oils and muds
Schlosshotel Weyberhöfe, Sailauf / Germany

orient meets occident

Design plays a very important role with positioning your wellness and spa business in the market. In order to meet these requirements, we offer the Original Haslauer Rasul® in various styles, to your preference. Our selection ranges from traditional and authentic, Asian and Mediterranean, to timeless classic and current trends, such as the Zen-look or natural design, which skilfully plays with organic elements. Creativity knows, almost, no bounds. Challenge us!

Rasul 2-seater / Intercontinental Hotel, London / Great Britain
Rasul® 2-seater / Hotel Splendid 5* Conference & Spa Resort, Budva / Montenegro
Rasul® 4-seater / Oriental Tendineum, Berlin / Germany

the advantages

» Steam-Proof
Steam-proof cabin made of fibre-glass consisting of floor, walls, seats and dome.

» Comfortable Seating – no Sliding out
Ergonomically-designed seats with arm-rests made of fibre-glass, simple, quick cleaning, even heat distribution all the way up the upper back.

» Clean hands – Clear Eyes
A wash basin integrated in the arm rests provides fresh water during the treatment.

» Unclogged Drains
Integrated sedimentation basin (mud trap) keeps your drain clear.

» Pleasant Room Climate
through heat ventilation in intervals.

» Distance Maintenance
Problem-solving and programming and software updates, comfortably  and quickly operated via telephone connection.

» The Heart of the Rasul® Ceremony – Kurland® Muds an Oils
The special and valuable Kurland® Rasul® muds, ranging from Bolus Alpha to Bolus Zeta are not only very agreeable, but are also a true experience for your guests. The special Kurland® oil compositions, such as Montana, Provence, Toskani, Tropical or Tutti Frutti complete this wellness journey. We will be happy to inform you thoroughly on our Kurland® products.

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