snow fall ice fountain

arctic refreshment

Snow-fall shower and Ice-fountain / Hotel Splendid 5* Conference & Spa Resort, Budva / Montenegro

Freezing snow-flakes softly falling onto your guests’ heated bodies – an invigorating tingle. Even hours later the refreshing effect can be felt. The circulation becomes stimulated, the immune system strengthened and the skin tightened. A ceramic ice-fountain is a another very attractive way to offer your guests an extraordinary refreshment kick.

» An Extraordinary Sight
This Snow-fall technique, which is an extraordinary sight, can be very attractively fitted into a shower with transparent walls.

» Simple Installation
This Snow-fall technique is fixed on top of the shower cabin or built in to a recessed ceiling.

» Ice Machine for Ice Fountains
The Ice Machine consists of a complete cooling technique which accommodates the fountain with the required amount of crushed ice. The ice vent transports the ice to the fountain.

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