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Hotel Schönruh, Seefeld / Austria

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The greatness of the Oriental bathing culture lies in the combination of ambience and effectiveness – sensitively shaped to every day habits. Indulgence, silence, and idleness are emphasized with the Hamam.

Hamam soap massage / Cassiopeia Therme, Badenweiler / Germany
Kurland® Pantai Herbal Body® massage on the Haslauer wet massage table

The Haslauer wet massage table Hamam/Pantai® is a multi-functional, height-adjustable treatment table with a circulating edge and a form fitting, heated surface. The attractive design can be suited to the style of your wellness area and emphasizes the skills of the therapist. The integrated, extendable warm and cold water hand shower enables a simple showering-off of the guests while on the table. Offer your various treatments on one single table: from the Oriental Hamam soap massage and assorted scrubs to the Kurland® Pantai® Herbal massages.

» Multi-functional Use
The Haslauer wet massage table Hamam/Pantai® can be used for any wet massage, such as the Hamam soap massage, bodys crubs or the Kurland® Pantai® Herbal massages. Many treatments on just one bed.

» It is Good for the Back
The height is steplessly adjustable. Its two elevating pillars make it very steady.

» Quick Cleaning
The smooth fibre glass surface is easy to clean and absolutely hygienic.

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