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An important therapeutic aspect often neglected is resting after any kind of heat treatment. Even after treatments with oil, resting is necessary, so that the oils can be absorbed effectively. Having the right bed, a suitable wellness atmosphere and a nice cup of tea or refreshing lime-flavoured water, turns resting into a ceremony for your guests.

Design Lounger LC4
Dondolo Rocking Chair
Resting Bed Esmeralda
Relax Waterbed
Fly and Swing- Bed
The Design Lounger LC4 is the right choice if you are looking for a classic and timeless designer bed. A comfortable leather cover and individual adjustment possibilities are further highlights of this very special chair.

The Relax Lounger convinces with comfort and contemporary design. Its shape optimally suits the human body. Guests feel light and, therefore, can experience total relaxation. It comes with a skai-leather cushion and a neck rest.

The Dondolo Rocking Chair is a unique combination of a relaxing bench, bed,  and rocking chair. It offers great relaxation, relieves the strain on the spinal cord, and allows a „feet up“ position.

The Resting Bed Esmeralda is a combination of a relaxing bed and decorative item and complements a Mediterranean or Asian wellness area perfectly. Its sedan-chair shape is made to provide carefree relaxation and a pleasant rest.

The Relax Waterbed is a water bed especially made for the wellness and spa industry. It is much softer than a traditional water bed and guarantees pure relaxation. Naturally, we offer various designs.

With the Fly and Swing Bed, guests feel as if they are floating. This bed is attached to the frame with two ropes. The position of the bed is motioned into a rocking movement through an electric drive mechanism.

» Resting as a Principle
After a hyperthermia of the body, the cardiovascular-system has to be given time to get back to normal. This procedure requires a resting bench, which quieten the psyche and does not raise the temperature and humidity, but balances it. Heated beds are therefore not suitable after hypothermia treatments. We will be happy to show you suitable resting benches.

» The Perfect Bed for You
We also gladly offer you other designs, so that your relaxation room will harmonize perfectly with your wellness or spa area.

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