sabbia med

sun energy for high spririts

Reiter Alm Spa & Wellness, Ainring / Germany

Summer, sand, and sun’. With the Haslauer Sabbia Med® you can satisfy your guests’ yearning for light, heat, and a holiday feeling, at any time – even during winter! It is without any doubt, that the human organism requires a certain dose of sunlight in order to be able to function. The creation of the essential vitamin D would not be possible without the influence of the sun. Even the so-called ‘winter depression’ can be counteracted with the help of the Sabbia Med®.

Hotel Splendid 5* Conference & Spa Resort, Budva / Montenegro / Interior Design BioDesign

During the cold and dark winter season, in which the human eye and the skin only receive a few sun rays, a summer holiday can be simulated – from sunrise to sunset. Clean, warm, sand, gentle light, the pleasant intensity of a late summer’s day, surrounded by soft music, makes you forget these dreary days. The Haslauer Sabbia Med® offers a steady, daylight-similar brightness, gentle UV radiation and a stimulation of the metabolism.

» Perfect Light System
No light irritation to the eye, due to ideally situated light sources and the ceiling mirror for light reflection.

» Individual Design with Customization
by wall mural painting or cladding in various materials, colour light modules, as well as individual programs.

» Hygienic Sand Surface
An integrated UVC sterilizing lamp ensures a hygienic sand surface.

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