alpine herbal steam therapy
a tradition from the alps

Touch of Tranquility, Tucson, Arizona / USA

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The Haslauer Kraxenstove® is a variant of the group hay bath with all its soothing and well known benefits. Haslauer has taken this well-respected wellness experience and developed a modern treatment: placed in the individual ambience of your wellness area, the spicy Alpine hay spreads its scent from behind comfortable and heated seats, its herbal mist softly stroking the backs of your guests.

Upstalsboom Hotel Waldschlösschen Wellnessbereich Balance & SPA, Varel / Germany
Waidringer Hof, Waidring / Austria

Take a seat and enjoy! Heat rises through the hay pads and relaxes the entire back. At the same time, the pelvis muscle is gently heated. In order to target the herbal mist directly to the back and neck region the guest is wrapped in a kind of “cape”. The characteristic scent comes from the essential oils (cumarine) in the hay and, combined with the pleasant warmth, has a soothing and invigorating effect whilst unblocking the respiratory passages in a miraculous way.

» Fibre Glass Body with Integrated Technology
Simple and quick installation – can be covered with various materials.

» Light Barrier
controls the operation independently, therefore less staff involvement and energy-saving.

» Simple Cleaning and Maintenance
Ready to use hay pads, hygienic seat covers, and a fibre glass surface guarantee minimal cleaning effort.

» Model with Wheels
enables a simple set up. The ideal warmth for cool evenings on the terrace.

» Ideal before any Massage
due to gentle hyperthermia of back and neck muscles.

» Full Leasing Possible
Ask for your individual offer!

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